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Abaza Law Firm is improving its services & growing its business continuously to keep clients satisfaction and maintain their trust.
Who Are We?


We are exist to resolve the disputes and legal issues, to help our clients handling any raised matters, and to achieve the best outcomes, according to their personal and business requirements.

What We Believe!

Values & Philosophy

At Abaza Law Firm, we are always working by setting the highest levels of integrity, commitments, and ethics in all aspects of our work.

How Can We Help?


Our vision is to be on top of our field, by sustaining our reputation and satisfying our clients, by providing them with a broad range of law services with the best results, based on their needs.

Legal Consultation

Abaza Law firm provides comprehensive legal services to match your various needs on business or personal cases depending on the Egyptian Law.

Expert Lawyers

The firm is proud of its highly professional team of Attorneys and practitioners who will always work to address our clients’ issues and disputes as we believe that we are serving people not cases.

Bright Minds

The success of every firm starts from the minds of its calibers, so we are continuously seeking to attract and hire the most talented and professional minds.

Client Service

We build a long term relationship with our clients based on trust and respect, with a continuous commitment to present the best quality and excellence in managing the different cases.