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Practice Areas

We will help you to protect your assets and privacy to ensure you achieve all your goals efficiently.

Family Law

Abaza Law Firm will help you in legal matters related to family relationships, including divorce, property division, spousal support, child custody and visitation, adoption, international disputes regarding children, name Change and violence against women & children.

Corporate & Commercial Practice

We have long years of experience in corporate industry by providing legal and consulting services related to business transferring, strategic alliances, market entry, mergers and acquisitions to defend our clients’ rights and provide them with comprehensive solutions according to their legal needs

Intellectual Property

Our expert team of Attorneys can manage the different cases related to the Intellectual Property laws including registration, Trademarks, franchising and merchandising agreements across the different sectors.

Construction & Property Management

Our Firm services include consulting, negotiating and representing our clients in the cases related to construction License, contract negotiation, contract documents, payment terms and property tax.

International Arbitration & Mediation

Abaza Law Firm has expert practitioners who will help you through all arbitration stages procedures to act in the appropriate time to handle the disputes and guarantee the best results.

Tax Law

Clients and corporates need a qualified and trusted Attorney to guide them through the cases related to taxation and help them to resolve their tax issues with the local authorities and reduce their tax burdens.


We can assist corporates in software license agreement matters, privacy regulations, and defamation and fraud issues to save their rights on the internet, social media portals and E-Commerce transactions.

Labor and Employment

We are ready to assist our clients in cases of workplace violence, wages & salaries and other employment agreements according to the labor and employment laws to keep and recover their rights.

Legal Consultation

Abaza Law firm provides comprehensive legal services to match your various needs on business or personal cases depending on the Egyptian Law.

Expert Lawyers

The firm is proud of its highly professional team of Attorneys and practitioners who will always work to address our clients’ issues and disputes as we believe that we are serving people not cases.

Bright Minds

The success of every firm starts from the minds of its calibers, so we are continuously seeking to attract and hire the most talented and professional minds.

Client Service

We build a long term relationship with our clients based on trust and respect, with a continuous commitment to present the best quality and excellence in managing the different cases.

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